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Labeler with Coder


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Good Day!

We are starting to go into wider markets and finally decided it's time to put batch numbers on the bottles incase of a recall.  We are also looking to get a semi-auto labeler.  The Primera AP362 has been suggested to us.  We haven't focused much on labeling in the past as our bottles were screen printed.  Now we have some product lines that have paper labels and I worry about the time it takes labeling.

Is it possible to get a coder with a labeler under $4k?  Our bottles are simple and round.




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Hi  TuftedTurtle

We focus on self adhesive labeling solutions for all types and shapes of packages.if your requirement labeling machines for your production process, we can provide simple or proper solution to suit your specific applications.

pls check https://www.vkpak.com/semi-automatic-labeling-machine/vk-t801-semi-automatic-round-bottle-labeling-machine.html

If you are interested please contact me

Waiting for your reply,



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