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5,000 Gallon Mash Tun and Mash Cooler

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We are getting ready to change out our mash tun and mash cooler in a couple of months and are selling our existing setup. Mash tun is a 5000 gallon tank with 2 big full rake agitators. You can had rye to as hot of water as you want with this thing and dough balls don't stand a chance. Also selling our 300sqft Feldmeier heat exchanger and associated process piping. We are still running this equipment so feel free to come see it in action. Below are specs:

  • 5,000 Gallon Mash Tun
    • Steam Jacket
    • Sloped floor
    • 4" TC drain
    • Multiple side entry TCs...4" and 2x 1.5"
    • Numerous TCs on top, including 2 CIP ports
    • 2 large top manways to access
    • Single drive motor (5HP) that drives 2 gearboxes, one for each agitator
    • I has a bit of a kink on the side and a couple of minor jacket leaks but operates perfectly
  • 300 sqft Feldmeier Heat Exchanger
    • 5 individual tube-in-tube sections fed from a common manifold.
    • 3" TC connections
    • With cold water, will crash a full mash from 155 to 70 in about an hour or so.
    • 1" inner tubes, 2" outer tubes.
    • Wood stand is included if you want it.
    • A bunch of spare parts and gaskets.
  • 3" Connecting Piping included, pump, pH meter and temp probe not included.

Link to video of mixing red corn bourbon: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d5ULrvPMawgUx3hiAm2ZSxvzc-OuQKKA/view?usp=sharing

Asking $50,000 for the full setup. Email adam.stumpf [at] stumpysspirits [dot] com for more info.

Mash Tun 1.jpg

Mash Tun 2.jpg

Mash Tun 3.jpg



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Hi Adam. Just sent you an email. Is this still available?  Would you consider selling the heat exchanger by itself? My email is Lisa (at) socialhousevodka (dot) com. 


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