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Rinsing/Cleaning 50ml glass bottles


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I'm looking for a solution to rinsing 50ml (minibar bottles). I can fill and label over 100 bottles a minute (automated machine), but my "bottleneck" pun intended, is how can I rinse the bottles fast enough.

I planned to use a modified water pressure "squirter" into the bottle and then use high-pressure air to blow out the remaining water. However, I don't think I do 100 bottles a minute by hand!
My current plan is to wash the bottles while running the still, allow them to drip dry in some type of rack, and then fill, cap, and label a few hours later. However, this seems to be relatively inefficient.

I will be bottling around 2000 bottles a day, with minimal staff.


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Hi dmacnz. We offer rinsers and spargers for bottles down to 50ml. Like Golden Beaver said above, you could either sparge with nitrogen before filling or pre-rinse the bottles with your own product (recycle) before filling. Let me know how we can help - we'd love to work with you guys. Please check our site at crusystems.com to see all of our products with pricing and video demos. 

We also provide the rest of a mini-bottling line for these mini bottles as as well. 

Thank you!   -Steve

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