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POS Thread - any recommendations?

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Hey all- I found a few older threads regarding POS systems but thought I'd start a new one in hopes that we could update information.  We are a small distillery with a 20-seat tasting room.  We've been running Square since Day 1 and it has been great from a POS standpoint - easy to use, fairly cost-effective ($60/month and competitive interchange), and great to take to festivals.  The big problem, though, is its inventory management system.  I do inventory weekly, and we ALWAYS have discrepancies between what's on the shelf, what Square says we should have, and what ABC says we should have.  The weird thing is that most of the time we aren't short the bottles (theft, for instance), we have more bottles on the shelf than Square thinks we have.  It's bizarre.

I'm ready to move to a different system that is strong in both POS services and inventory tracking/reporting services.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  I was looking at PointOS and have requested a demo.  

Thanks in advance!

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What are you using for inventory in the distillery?  Quickbooks?  Just add another inventory location and track it there. Turn off stock tracking in square.  Create your inventory transactions when you reconcile your monthly sales against physical inventory remaining.  Do you really need inventory in the POS?  If we run out of items in the tasting room, we'll just disable the item to turn off pickup orders, otherwise, if it's not on the shelf, you can't but it.

Honestly though, sounds like a Square setup issue.  Are you using multiple locations, this makes things more difficult to report?  Incorrect item setup (duplicates, deletions).  If your inventory is off, your sales would be off too, those two things are inextricably linked in Square.

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I would love to hear what is the best way to go on this POS and even bonded building management?  We are in needed of a good system to help with managing the cost of what we put in (farm distillery) and what each batch is running us for our product and some will be stored off site and will have to keep track of them as well over the years when we get to that point.  

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