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100 Gallon Mash Tun and 100 Gallon 21 plate Still For Sale

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Hello All!  We are in the process of moving our distillery and have acquired new stills and a new brew house so we have no need for our current still / mash tun. 

The mash tun is 100 gallons (originally from Affordable Distilling), it is a bane marie jacketed set up.  We have used it since 2018.  Ideally it is best used for rum, grape juice or moonshine as there is no man way or false bottom.  It does have a cooling (using water or glycol) unit built into it as well as an auger.

The still is a 100 gallon, 21 plate (originally from Affordable Distilling) Vodka, Rum, Moonshine still in operation since 2018.  You can remove the plates (and shut off two of the three columns) to make whiskey.  It is also a bane marie jacketed setup.

We were told when we purchased the equipment that the oil can be flushed out and both units can run on steam, however I would consult with Affordable Distilling to confirm prior to purchasing (assuming you want to use steam).

We would like to sell them both together, however if you only need one or the other please feel free to reach out to me.  We are looking for $32,500 for both or best offer.  Buyer pays for shipping from 80107, and we will have a local company box the equipment up at our expense.  Thank you and please reach out if you have any questions or if you need more pictures.









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