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Vodka Case for 750mL Bottles

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We are a new distillery for Vodka.


We are planning on doing a case of 6 750 mL bottles. I have gone to Total wine and saw that the box has two bar code on them. One is the same as the one on the bottle the other is different. I assume it is a bar code for the case. Some only have one.

First question is what is the second one for and do you have to have two? I talked with the people at total wine and they said when they scan in the bottles they scan the bottle code and will scan for each bottle.


Second, I see most 750mLs are in cases of six. Is that the standard? Can it be more or less, and is one preferable over the other?


Thank you,


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You're going to need both.  

One is the SKU barcode, the second is the case SKU barcode.

Once you get your account at GS1 you will go to the data hub to manage your barcodes. You create the single item barcode first then create the case barcode. It's pretty straight forward.


You will need both codes on your box for most retailers.

Standard case sizes are 6 and 12 bottle. Best to start out with 6 bottle cases. No one will buy 12 bottle case from an unknown supplier. 

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Before you join GS1 you should search on the term "GS1" on this forum and read all the posts.  In a previous life I helped to write some of the barcode specs that are in place today and have been in the business of barcode labeling software since 1982.

From an old post of mine   


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