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Ukraine - Russia's perfidious attack, a chronicle of events


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On February 24, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Russian troops are shelling and destroying key infrastructure facilities,

conducting massive shelling of residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages.

I am in the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv.
I do not leave the city, I follow what is happening here, reassure my family and friends, explain the situation and follow the press reports.

A lot of panic messages, a lot of fake news from Russian propaganda.
I select only the information that has confirmation.
As a former military man (in the distant past), I have a good understanding of how hostilities are conducted and what weapons are used.

I will answer all your questions.

Since February 24, Russia has attacked Ukraine, many cities of Ukraine have been destroyed.

Because of the war, I lost my business in Ukraine, if you want to help me and my family, my Paypal is: Alex.Sor.2022@gmail.com

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In Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region, a railway station was destroyed as a result of missile strikes.
This was announced the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Valentyn Reznichenko.

"Missile strikes in Pavlograd. Pavlograd-2 railway station was destroyed. Destroyed railway line and tracks.

15 freight cars derailed. One person died, "the message reads.

Traffic through the station is suspended indefinitely.


Another missile strike on Kiev ...

A truck and two buildings were on fire in the Obolonskyi district of Kyiv as a result of Russian shelling.

Video^ https://www.facebook.com/100064736946785/videos/pcb.337937131707516/367819148542302





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Luhansk region: Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Popasna, Novodruzhesk, Toshkivka are once again suffering from shelling by the Russian army.
Over the past 24 hours, the shelling has caused more than a dozen fires in high-rise and residential buildings, burning outbuildings, garages, general education facilities and infrastructure.
In Severodonetsk, Russian inhumans opened fire on a children's hospital. As a result, the roof caught fire. Our rescuers promptly evacuated 7 young patients and 15 adults, 8 of whom were doctors, to safety.
The Luhansk Oblast State Emergency Service does not have enough rescuers to meet all the calls for fires or destruction due to shelling. But despite the fatigue and enemy shelling, the emergency services continue to perform their assigned tasks.


Consequences of shelling in one of the settlements in the Kryvyi Rih district in the Dnipropetrovsk region on March 21.





Operational information on the response of units of the State Emergency Service (SES) to dangerous events (as of 9:00 on March 22)

During the past 24hrs, 1,405 raids were carried out by SES units, including 302 raids to eliminate the consequences of shelling of settlements and civilian infrastructure by Russian troops, and 1 person was rescued.

Pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service 108 seized, neutralized 300 explosive devices, including 6 aerial bombs, and inspected an area of more than 130 hectares.

1,318 settlements were partially de-energized, including 43. The SES involved 9 generators to provide emergency power supply to social facilities, 5 of which were used to supply electricity to hospitals.

The population was evacuated with a total number of more than 813 thousand people, including more than 177 thousand children and more than 4 thousand people with disabilities.

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Chernobayevka is waiting for Russian "tourists": what strikes the legendary village-meme

In just a couple of weeks, the small village of Chernobayevka in the Kherson region became famous throughout Ukraine and far beyond. And all thanks to Russian "tourists", who, apparently, in conditions of severe sanctions do not have many opportunities for travel. The zeal of the Russians, with whom they go to Chernobayevka, can only be envied. That's UNIAN. Tourism decided to find out what this village, which has long since become a meme, so attracts "guests".

The legend of the village of Chernobayevka
For the first time, Chernobayevka, which most Ukrainians had hardly heard of before, invaded the Internet on February 27, 2022, when the Ukrainian military smashed helicopters and a landing party of occupiers trying to land at a local airfield. Then the Ukrainians were just happy with the achievements of our defenders in the next direction. However, in eight days the story repeated itself - on March 7, the APU destroyed about 30 helicopters of the occupier, and later destroyed the equipment for the third time. At that time, society was already beginning to notice a "strange trend".

On March 16, it became known about the fourth case of destruction of the occupier's combat helicopters in Chernobayevka, and then the Ukrainian Internet space could not restrain itself further - the network exploded with memes.

Then there were the fifth, sixth and seventh cases when the Ukrainian military with all the hospitality inherent in our people arranged the "hottest" reception for guests from Russia, especially conveniently located Russian Commander of the 8th Army - Lieutenant General Andrei Mordvich. And you will not believe, but on March 22 the eighth batch of "Russian tourists" ended their trip to Chernobayevka! We are almost certain that there will be others, and they will certainly be welcomed there by our military.

Of course, sooner or later the leadership of Ukraine had to shed light on the phenomenon of Chernobayevka, where the Russians are smeared like honey.

"Ukrainian Chernobayevka will go down in the history of wars. This is a place where the Russian military and their commanders have shown themselves completely ... as they are - incompetent, capable of simply driving their people to slaughter," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on March 20.

On March 22, Alexei Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the President's Office, also decided to explain what was happening in Chernobayevka. And here that - from the very beginning Russians rushed to collect huge grouping from the Crimea in the south of Ukraine to advance further to Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa. But they did not take into account that there are very narrow passages, so the occupiers can move only "by capillary". At the same time, they are trying to accumulate a helicopter group at the same airfield in Chernobayevka.

And a helicopter can only land where you want in a movie, fly where you want. You need a helicopter topographic reference and airfield support, so they have to choose an airfield. They play "fives" they may not use it. There is such a node, and they are coming to this node and will continue to arrive, "he explained.

What is Chernobayevka
In the meantime, we decided to find out what the village of Chernobaevka may be of interest to tourists. So, Chernobayevka is a small village with a population of 9275 people, 10 kilometers from Kherson.

Chernobayevka was founded in the late 17th century, and the history of its origin is associated with the Zaporozhian Sich Cossack Peter Chernobay, who received these lands as a gift from Russian Tsarina Catherine (ahem, maybe - it's just Russian nostalgic tourism?).

Since its foundation, the people of Chernobayevka have been engaged in agriculture, making considerable achievements in this field. Before the war of 2022, most Chernobayevka residents were also involved in agricultural activities.



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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed 4 of the 10 armies that Russia has

Since the start of the large-scale Russian invasion, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed four of Russia's 10 armies, including 11 tank battalions, 34 battalions of armored combat vehicles, five MLRS and 17-barrel artillery divisions, and about five air regiments. This was announced by the adviser to the head of the President's Office Alexei Arestovich at a briefing on Monday, March 21.

According to the OP adviser, in total this is about three Russian strike armies as operational and strategic units.

"That is, we destroyed three Russian shock armies and one air army. A total of 4 armies out of 10 that exist in Russia," Arestovich explained.
Defensive actions of Ukrainian defenders do not allow the Russian Armed Forces to attack anywhere in Ukraine, so they resort only to tactical maneuvers and accumulate reserves.

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Rusnya in the boiler.
The Irpin-Bucha massacre begins

Russian troops from this direction tried to attack Kyiv for several weeks. Now we are counterattacking.



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Operational information as of 06.00 on 23.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The twenty-eighth era of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion began.
The Defense Forces continues to conduct a defense operation in the Eastern, Southeastern and Northeastern directions.
In the Eastern direction, operational groups of troops operate in Donetsk, Slobozhansky and the eastern part of the Tavriya operational districts. They do not allow the enemy to resume the offensive in the direction of Slovyansk and, part of the forces, the settlement of Lozova. Restrain the advance of the enemy in the direction of Zaporozhye.
The combined forces are holding back the invasion of Popasna and Kurakhove. Carries out the circular defense of Mariupol.
In the North-Eastern direction, the defense operation continues in the designated operational zone. The main efforts are focused on covering the state border, deterring the enemy's offensive in the area of Malyn.
In the Sivers'kyi region, a group of troops holds the defense of Chernihiv and hinders the advance of the enemy in the direction of Kyiv.
In the South-Eastern direction, a defense operation is being carried out, ground operations of troops and individual units are being supported, and bases and seaports in the Black Sea Operational Zone are being defended. The defense of the city of Mykolayiv and settlements of the Mykolayiv region continues.
Our defenders are holding back the enemy in the directions of Kryvyi Rih and Novovorontsovka, conducting a stabilization operation, and performing territorial defense tasks.
Active actions of enemy aircraft and missile strikes have been noted in the last 24 hours.
The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulses concentrated missile and air strikes and air attacks of the enemy, air cover of important objects of Ukraine and groups of troops. Over the past 24 hours, more than 17 enemy air targets have been hit, including 6 aircraft, 5 UAVs, 1 helicopter and 5 cruise missiles.
On the territory of the Russian Federation, covert mobilization continues in order to replenish the losses of the personnel of the occupying group of troops operating in the war on the territory of Ukraine. Military commissariats are trying to attract former servicemen to serve and sign relevant contracts, preference is given to those who already have combat experience.
On the territory of Belarus, representatives of opposition forces and concerned citizens who condemn the assistance of the current illegitimate government to the Russian Federation in the war with Ukraine, partially disrupted the railway connection between the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. The information is being clarified.
At the same time, according to available information, the active movement of Russian and Belarusian military equipment and its further accumulation along the Ukrainian border continues on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
The enemy is demoralized in some areas. Thus, during the storming of the city of Mariupol, in one of the special forces units involved in active hostilities, less than 10% of the personnel are ready to continue the war, the rest of the personnel are killed, wounded, sick or demoralized.
Keep calm! Let's win together!
Glory to Ukraine!



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"Dima, my mother died on March 9, 2022. She died quickly. Then the house burned down. Dima, forgive me for not saving her! I buried my mother near the kindergarten. Below is a detailed diagram to find the grave. I love you!"
This is a letter from a resident of Mariupol. It is unknown whether the man who wrote it is alive. And whether he came to the address.



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Hopes that the war will be "localized" in Ukraine are futile. Churchill explained everything: he who chooses shame between shame and war, receives both shame and war

The war in Ukraine is not just another local conflict, it is a world war that is still going on in the Ukrainian state, said the head of the President's Office Andrei Ermak. He said this on March 22 during a speech at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain (Chatham House).

"Hopes that the war will be" localized "in Ukraine are useless. Without proper resistance, Moscow will not stop, and each of its subsequent adventures will inevitably bring the world closer to a hot global conflict," Ermak said.

He stressed that what is happening in Ukraine now affects everyone in the world.

"The war in Ukraine is not just another local conflict. It is a world war that is still going on in our country. I would like to emphasize once again that Russia's encroachments go far beyond Ukraine. It claims to restore the Soviet sphere of influence in Europe and in Asia ... On Russian military equipment they write "To Berlin!". Do you know what that means? We know. The Israelis know. Believe in the one who promises to kill you, "said the head of the President's Office.

He explained that without a full-fledged land lease, Ukraine can only defend itself, but without a reliable air defense system, it is impossible to defend effectively for a long time. However, Western countries do not give it to Ukraine, as well as fighters, and "do not want to see NATO."

"This fear of escalation is understandable. But this fear will not save. Winston Churchill explained everything: he who chooses shame between shame and war gets both shame and war," Ermak said.

He reminded that an extraordinary meeting of NATO member states would be held on March 24, and called on "to take concrete steps towards Ukraine or to say honestly and publicly that there will be no such steps."

Will you finally give us the weapons that will allow Ukraine to remain an independent sovereign state within internationally recognized borders? Will you finally open a full-fledged land lease for us? Will you continue to watch anxiously as our cities turn into rubble? close our skies or at least give us long-range air defense systems at last. Your fear of escalation fuels aggression. Your determination will hold it back, "Ermak said.

According to him, otherwise Ukraine will bleed, depopulate, but in any case will not submit.

He called on the West to provide Ukraine with reliable multilateral legally binding security guarantees, without which any agreement "will be fragile and temporary and will last until Russia regains its strength and tries to attack again."

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The famous Canadian sniper "Valley" shared a new photo.
He confirmed that he was alive and well.

It should be noted that the Kremlin's shit-media has already buried "Vali" several times, each time inventing a new death for him.



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....If we hadn't left this morning, we wouldn't be here. Me, at least for sure. There were fewer people in our basement. They were leaving. There were rumors that many were breaking out of these circles of hell. But these were rumors. Nobody could check. Our basement neighbors disappeared one by one. As soon as someone found gasoline or friends with a car. Nobody said goodbye, nobody packed things. They just dropped everything and ran to the exit.
By that night, more than half of the basement compartments were empty. Our neighbors were also about to leave. The bombing stopped them. Planes flew every half an hour. I think there were several. Because before they dropped two bombs. And now the ground shook four, sometimes six times in five minutes. They bombed us with all their might, as if they wanted to bury every house, every tree in the ground, trample every soul into a huge funnel.
We didn't sleep for several days. Rather, our state could be called half asleep. Day merged with night, eyes constantly stuck together, but the body was on the alert. According to the theory of probability, they should have got into our house soon. They have already stoned all the high-rise buildings around. Some of them were left in half.
 I didn't know if there were people in the basements. And if they are there, how do they feel? I felt almost nothing. I felt like there really was nothing. That I'm having a hell of a nightmare. I need to wake up. Soon I will open my eyes in my bed and go to wash my face and drink tea.
And then the giant thundered with iron. He walked again on my land. This sound before the start of the shelling drove me crazy. There was an impression that they were moving something metal, huge and terrible. What could it be?
I started to have a stupor. I was afraid to move. I sat on a chair, stared blankly at the concrete floor with broken plaster and thought that it was forever. I did not care. I wanted this to end quickly. There was no toilet in the basement. Everyone went to their own apartment. I had to go up to the fifth floor. I couldn't bring myself to move. I had to get out of the basement and get into the entrance. I no longer had the courage to do so.
My little nephews were lying on other people's beds, covered with blankets from different compartments, in jackets, hats, scarves and shoes. There was a family of Azerbaijanis here before us. They had 11 children. They left town a week ago. They say they got to a safe place. The information came from another basement, when our compartment neighbor ventured out into the street to warm the water on the fire. Then there was a little break. They did not bomb for fifteen minutes.
I felt very sorry for the children. They hardly spoke. Nobody spoke. We listened to the planes. They flew very close and threw endless bombs.
The ground was buckling, the house was trembling, someone was screaming in fear in the basement. I was even afraid to imagine what was outside. It seemed to me that the house stood in the center, and shells were exploding around. Everything was in craters and fragments. When in the morning I saw what was left of our yard, I did not have a single emotion. I just stood and watched. This was not my city.
According to volunteers, from 20 to 40 thousand people left the city. Now about 300 thousand citizens remain in Mariupol. They keep getting killed. Please tell the whole world about this. People Want to Live. Stop the Destruction....

(Nadezhda Sukhorukova.. journalist...)



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US and NATO partners intend to announce new sanctions against Russia

US President Joe Biden begins a visit to Europe on Wednesday to discuss how NATO allies should move forward in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The American president will arrive Wednesday evening in Brussels, where an emergency NATO summit is scheduled for March 24, dedicated to issues related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to address the participants of the extraordinary NATO summit via video link.

Biden will also attend the G7 meeting and the European Union summit.

On Friday, the US president will travel to Warsaw, where on March 26 he will hold talks with Polish President Andrzej Duda, which are expected to focus on military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

As the White House noted, one of the main tasks of the US president during the trip will be to strengthen unity among European allies, NATO and G7 countries in the face of the crisis in Ukraine.

"Unity for the president is in the foreground. This is unity with our European partners, unity in the ranks of NATO, unity among the G7," Presidential press secretary Jen Psaki explained a few days ago. "Based on this, the President seeks to achieve continuous coordination and a unified response to the ongoing escalatory actions of President Putin."

As part of the preparations for the visit, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had a telephone conversation on Tuesday with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

According to the press service of the State Department, the parties spoke "about the ongoing efforts to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO and prepare for an emergency summit of the alliance."

According to the press service, during the conversation Blinken stressed "the need for a strong and unified transatlantic response" to Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, National Security Adviser to the US President Jake Sullivan said that the US and its partners intend to announce new sanctions against Russia on Thursday.

"We are talking about a new package of sanctions," he said at a briefing, referring to Joe Biden's upcoming contacts with allies in Europe.

Sullivan specified that Washington, together with the European Union, will also tighten existing sanctions in order to take measures against the possibility of Moscow circumventing them.

Sullivan denied that the United States is trying to achieve a change in the leadership of Russia, although they are exerting sanctions pressure on it.

"From our point of view, what happens to the Russian political system will be decided within Russia," he said.

"What we can do is to make efforts in three main areas. This is what we are doing - helping Ukrainians to engage in self-defense, strengthening NATO and imposing [Moscow] costs and consequences," the adviser to the American leader said.

Nevertheless, he stressed that NATO does not exclude the possibility of a collective response to a cyber attack against one of the countries that are members of the alliance.

“This response can take many forms. But we have made it clear in NATO documents that cybersecurity is a matter of alliance, a matter in which NATO is ready to join forces collectively to increase resilience, strengthen protection and, if necessary, use appropriate tools to response," Sullivan added.

For her part, First Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman discussed by phone with representatives of France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom assistance to Ukraine and possible new sanctions against the Russian Federation, said Ned Price, head of the press service of the State Department.

According to him, “the participants discussed the importance of providing additional military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.”

As Price noted, the participants in the conversation "agreed to continue working to isolate the Russian Federation in the international arena."

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Armed Forces of Ukraine took the occupiers into the cauldron near Irpen-Buchi-Gostomel
("cauldron" means complete encirclement)
The Armed Forces of Ukraine took the occupiers into the cauldron in the Irpen-Bucha-Gostomel region.

Khariton Starsky, press officer of the Rapid Response Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, announced this in a commentary to UNIAN.

"That's right. Ours took them into the ring. They are now in the operational encirclement of our forces. We are waiting for good news. What we can expect now is either the liquidation or capture of their group, which is in the cauldron," Starsky said. .

According to him, now the invaders do not have the opportunity to attack Kyiv from the Svyatoshinsky district. "In principle, they do not have the resources to make any kind of offensive. We are now controlling all approaches. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we are waiting for good news in this direction," he added.

As you know, the task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) in the Kiev region is to keep Russian troops from trying to cross the Irpen River and continue the offensive on Kyiv.

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The Kremlin said that they do not kill Ukrainian civilians, but "help" them

The press secretary of the president of the occupying country, Dmitry Peskov, said that the Russian military does not shoot at Ukrainian civilians, but "helps" them.

Propaganda RIA Novosti writes about this.

In particular, Peskov said that he "does not believe" the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine about the information that the Russians are killing civilians.

While communicating with the press, he once again came up with a story about "Ukrainian nationalists" who use civilians in cities as a "human shield", referring to the "impressions" of Ukrainians abducted to Russia.

"Russia does not trust the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. The Russian military does not shoot at civilians, does not strike at them, but helps them," Peskov said.

Russian troops invaded Ukraine in 2014, seizing Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. On February 24, 2022, Russia carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, destroying Ukrainian cities, villages, killing civilians.

During the war in Ukraine, the invaders purposefully kill the civilian population and rob the houses of Ukrainians.

Earlier, the invaders fired on buses with people from Popasna.

And in the Sumy region, the invaders use civilians as a "human shield."

In the Zaporozhye region, Russian invaders fired at civilian cars. Among the wounded are children.

On March 11, in the city of Kremennaya, Luhansk region, the occupiers shot down a nursing home from a tank, as a result of which 56 people died.

Near Zaporozhye, the occupiers shot at a car at a checkpoint. A child was injured, shelling hit him in the face.

This is just a few news about the crimes of the occupiers against the civilian population of Ukraine. The whole world is watching the inhuman crimes of Russians, but the Kremlin continues to deny everything.

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Based on the analysis of the facts gathered, the United States Government has recognized the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as a war crime.
This is stated in an official statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

"Today I can announce that based on the information available to us, the US government believes that Russian troops have committed war crimes in Ukraine," said the head of the US State Department.

He stressed that this position is based on a careful analysis of available information from official and intelligence sources.

Blinken also stressed that the US government will continue to monitor all reports of war crimes in Russia and share the information gathered with allies, partners and international institutions and organizations.

"We strive for accountability using all available tools, including criminal prosecution," he said.

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In the temporarily captured Russian port of Berdyansk, a large landing ship "Orsk" of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian occupiers was destroyed, along with its cargo.
There will be more!
Glory to Ukraine!

Orsk = Alligator-class landing ship


Clarification of the situation at 17:00 today:
 This morning, our anti-aircraft missile forces "Point U" (OTR-21 Tochka) struck a blow at the enemy! In addition to the destroyed large landing ship of the racists "Orsk", the following ships of the occupiers were damaged:
fire on the large landing ship "Saratov", which had to be sunk to prevent explosion of ammunition;
The Kunikov and Novocherkassk large landing ships are escaped, which also suffered injuries and losses among the crews (at least 11 wounded, 3 dead).
Destroyed in the port near Berdyansk, the large landing ship "Orsk" could carry up to 20 tanks, 45 anti-aircraft guns and 400 paratroopers "

For you info:  OTR-21 Tochka


Video: https://www.facebook.com/100000877390037/videos/1311849162617793









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A month ago. Day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

I then woke up from the explosions in the town of Vasilkov (near Kiev), but I still hoped that it only seemed to me. And then another rocket came and the point in the sleepy morning discussions was set.
We were going to break…
We were going to be conquered and subdued…
They were going to take us in a week or two…
Welcome to hell, Russian bastards.

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Operational information as of 06.00 24.03.2022 regarding the #russian_invasion.

The 29th day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion has begun.
The Defence Forces continues to conduct a defence operation in the Eastern, Southeastern and Northeastern directions.
The enemy did not succeed in any of them.
Groups of troops deter the enemy in these areas, conduct a stabilization operation and perform territorial defence tasks.
Enemy aircraft continue to be active, striking from the air, and more than 250 aircraft flights have been recorded in the last 24 hours (60 more than on March 22). The enemy's main targets remain military and civilian infrastructure in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Kharkiv oblasts.
The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulses concentrated missile and air strikes and air attacks of the enemy, air cover of important objects of Ukraine and groups of troops. For the previous day, 11 enemy air targets were hit (7 planes, 1 UAV, 1 helicopter and 2 cruise missiles.) Information about their final downing is being clarified.
In the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region, in connection with peaceful protests against the occupation, the enemy resorted to terror of the local population, actively using rosguard units to prevent these actions of civil disobedience to the occupation authorities.
The enemy continues to lose manpower and equipment in all directions. Total resistance of the Ukrainian people continues.
Let's win together! Glory to Ukraine! 




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The American sent:

I paid $ 87 for gas today. But you know what I didn't do today?
I did not run away from my house, which was invaded.
I didn't take my dogs and hurriedly packed my bags, leaving everything else behind.
I did not spend the night in the bomb shelter.
I did not lose all my family members.
I didn't trust the stranger to stay alive.
I did not say goodbye to a familiar life and entered a world of unpredictability.
I did not sleep in the Red Cross tent.
I did not call my relatives to say goodbye
I will pay $ 87 each time because it is such a small price.



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"This is a rally of Adolf Hitler's supporters in 1937.
  "No one has ever gathered so many people in the history of mankind. Eight years later in 1945, they will all say they never supported Hitler."



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Today, the president of the occupying country, Putin, said that from now on Russia will sell energy to the West only for rubles.
In this way, he is trying to save the Russian ruble and banking system from collapse.
But Europe is not going to buy Russian gas for rubles. And they demand that Russia fulfill the contracts under which payments must be made in euros.
German Economy Minister Robert Habeck assured that Germany, the largest importer of Russian gas in the EU, will continue to buy it for the euro, and that they will hold a dialogue with other European countries on Russia's position.
The same position in Italy. "I think we pay in euros because paying in rubles would be a way to avoid sanctions, so I think we continue to pay in euros," said Francesco Javazzi, an economic adviser to Prime Minister Mario Draghi.
Analysts predict Russia's legal consequences of such audacity. "If Gazprom refuses to supply gas when customers pay their bills in the original currency of the contract, usually in euros, buyers can take the case to arbitration," said Anis Ganbold, an analyst at Aurora Energy Research.
Europe also believes that such actions by the Kremlin will only accelerate Europe's complete abandonment of energy resources from Russia. "Insisting on ruble payments can give buyers a reason to reconsider other aspects of their contracts - such as the term - and simply speed up the abandonment of Russian gas in general," said Vinicius Romano, senior analyst at consulting firm Rystad Energy.
Thus, if Russia refuses to accept European payments in euros, it will make it impossible to buy Russian gas in Europe.
Russia will lose the last source of currency in its economy.
The latest steps of the EU on the gas issue are also interesting. They plan to create a unified policy of the Union on the purchase of natural gas. And this will have a far-reaching impact on the entire energy sector of the planet.
For the first time, the largest gas consumers will unite. And together they will be able to put pressure on exporters to achieve favorable conditions and low prices.
Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the EP that against high and volatile gas prices, "we are proposing joint purchases and stricter storage rules, because instead of competing with each other by raising prices, we must use our weight and start buying gas." together. As Europeans, not as 27 different member states. In addition, we must use our warehouses in some Member States to guarantee supplies throughout the Union. "
With such a strong common position, finding alternatives to Russian gas will be much easier. Few will be able to oppose themselves to such an energy alliance.

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