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Like minded people in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT)

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Looking to meet smart, innovative, forward thinking (aspiring) distillers in the tri-state area.  Love to discuss the potential to start something special (and disruptive) together.  RPG

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I'd like to think we're the most "disruptive" distiller based in this area (flex), but that's all really subjective, and everyone believes they are differentiated, otherwise they wouldn't be doing this.  Gil at All Points West is doing some great things with malt/pot still whiskies.  Alex and Max at 3BR are doing some really unique things with non-standard feedstocks (peas!).  Milk Street is doing a rice-based vodka.  John at Jersey Spirits loooooves flavor.  Tons of gin variations around the state.  Lots of the distillers have some pretty serious cocktail programs.  The Jersey-based distillers are a pretty tight knit crew, we all know each other pretty well.  If you haven't joined the guild yet, do so.  We're currently dealing with some major legislative challenges that may redefine the future of craft distilling in NJ.

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