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Master Distiller, Las Vegas Distillery


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Las Vegas Distillery

7330 Eastgate Rd #100

Henderson, NV 89011



Las Vegas Distillery

7330 Eastgate Rd #100

Henderson, NV 89011




Based in Henderson Nevada, Las Vegas Distillery is looking for a highly qualified Master Distiller to help us deliver  world-class spirit experiences to our customers and consumers. Las Vegas Distillery was founded with the belief that the world's best  spirit has yet to be made. Our managment team has extensive backgrounds growing global  companies and beverage brands and we are looking for a teammate to lead our distillery  operations. As the Master Distiller, you will oversee and manage day-to-day production activities, lead  the company in the sensory tasting, experimentation, barrel management, and blending, and  ensure safe, clean, efficient distillery operations. You’ll lead our team from planning and raw  ingredient procurement through to bottling/barreling of finished spirits. Our Master Distiller will also need expertise &  experience with sourcing spirits from 3rd Party Distillers, as we supplement our in house production. We are inspired by  innovation and are laser-focused on bringing the finest quality products to market and being part of our  customers’ lives at some of their most meaningful moments. 




  • You will help lead and grow a craft distillery with large aspirations. This role is as much doer as it is manager and planner.

  • Skill to be responsible for consistently producing a variety of spirits including vodka, gin & whiskey on our custom distilling system, experimentation, and planning for a long-term, high volume production system.

  • Management and oversight for accurate record-keeping, including distillation records, quality control, lab records, instrumentation records, TTB and ABC reporting, and inventory control.

  • Experience with machinery including pumps, boilers, air compressors, and chillers, and the ability to perform maintenance, repairs, and/or direct professional equipment support as required.

  • Ability to climb, kneel, stoop, and lift/move 50 lb frequently, with extended periods of standing/walking.

  • Ability to drive a forklift and work a pallet jack.


  • You have a quality trained palette and can lead us in the tasting, recipe creation, and final product blending.




  • You have a proven ability to work with little to no supervision with an appropriate understanding of the technical and business level dynamics.

  • You are a detail-oriented, highly organized, self-starter with a demonstrated ability to exercise accountability and responsibility.

  • You are a team player who contributes to camaraderie and a pleasant working environment.

  • You are driven by quality first but have a passion for industry-leading innovation.

  • You understand the importance of safety, cleanliness, production efficiency, management of others, federal/state reporting requirements, inventory accuracy/projections, and packaging/barreling/aging processes.

  • You have a deep understanding of and ability to implement/oversee standard operating and safety policies/procedures.

  • You bring broad knowledge and a passion for producing superior craft spirits.




  • College Graduate with a degree in Fermentation Sciences, microbiology desired

  • Meaningful experience as Head, Master, Lead Distiller, or similar experience in the distilling, and related science fields.

  • Examples of professional and ideally personal passion and beliefs around spirits and how they should be made and delivered.




Las VegasDistillery is a company that values matching  hard work, teamwork, family, and success with a deep desire to deliver spirits that enhance the  best moments of our customers’ lives. We believe in the spirit and lifestyle of Las Vegas and look to improve  and innovate our way to a brand and a business we can all be proud of and be a success in the spirits industry.


We are offering this as a full-time salaried position with competitive compensation, competitive health care benefits,  growth and upside potential.

Work expectations - 40 hours per week with flexability based on production need.

Preferred starting date - May 1st 2022

Please send your resume/CV, along with a cover letter outlining your qualifications, to Marty@Firewaterfirm.com….we are looking forward to hearing from you!



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