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4 bottle types for sale

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Hi everyone,

We have 5 bottle types that we no longer use that we are looking to get rid of.  With all of the glass concerns, we wanted to see if anyone could use any of these types of bottles.  We are willing to add a 10% discount from the supplier's prices in order to help these move.  FOB Baton Rouge.  If you are interested email me at matt@threeroll.com.

Bruni Decanter Alex



Units/case: 12

Cases: 72


Saver Glass Single



Units/case: 12

Cases: 392.4


Saver Glass Oslo Apothek

<a href="https://www.saverglass.com/en/our-products/catalog-spirits/oslo-apothek-2536-oz-carnette" rel="noopener" target="_blank"><em>Apothek</em></a>


Units/case: 12

Cases: 147.58


United Bottles and Packaging Whisky



Units/case: 12

Cases: 406

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