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not CLEAR liquid while distillation


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Hey guys,

So, I am doing grain base distillation, and I am running the still the way it should be, not slow nor fast. from past couple runs I am getting yellow ish color in final product, which IDK why. The final liquid should be clear, but mine is almost grain colour, there is no change in flavour profile just the colour is what bugging me, any suggestion? 



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2 hours ago, Kindred Spirits said:

What type of setup are you running? Sounds like you are getting some carryover from your boiler.

It might be foaming or puking on you. Do you have any sight glasses?

Yes all signed going to Not actually running the still the way its should be ran.  Its pretty easy if your just pot distilling sorting to get some foam boil over that will color the final spirit.


Does it do this the entire run start to finish or does it come on at a specific point in the run? 




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