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What kind of first run for Rum in double distillation

Guillaume D

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Dear distillers,


As we gonna try to distillate rum for the first time, I need some advices.

For the first run i don't know what kind of heat is the best. We are working with a big copper pot (100Hl/2641 gallons). And for the second run it's only 25Hl (660 gallons).

When we distill wine, we start at the maximun power, and reduce the power when the swan neck temperature comes to 71 degree celsius (1 hour to decrease). And when the heads are finish we increase the power in for 4 steps.

When we distill wash, we do a more progressive heat. We reduce the power when the swan neck comes to 45 (2 hours and 45mn to decrease), then it stays at the same power untill the heads are over.

And it increases in 2 steps but more slowly than the wine.

So, for the rum i want to go like a wash run. Is it a good solution ? Is there better curves to do ?


I hope it was clear, I've got to improve my technical english and skills ^^

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You know best how your still runs, listen to it.  Will you be double distilling?  I'm going to assume yes.

I would say, be concerned about two things, any residual sugar (incomplete fermentation) and molasses sediment (depending on your quality of molasses), as both of these have the potential for scorching in the still.  Depending on your heating, this could be more or less a factor.  You mentioned cognac before - are you direct heat?  Steam?

For first run, at this large scale, you can't go wrong with slow and low.  Your wash curves are probably fine, many keep a consistent power on rum stripping, though many will increase power towards the end as the distillation can sometimes slow due to passive reflux.

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Hi Silk !

Yes we are double distilling, and we are direct heat. Cognac style.

For the residual sugar, in the lab with micro fermentation we did'nt have any residual sugar, we'll see with the real volume later.

For the molasses sediment I don't know yet, have to speak about it with the oenologist !

Do you know if rum is bad for the copperstill ? I mean, as we make brandy and whisky in there, could rum give bad taste even with a good cleaning ? I heard that but I'm not sure.


In any case thank you !

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