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Two Grist Hydrators $600/pair

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Hi All,

we have two grist hydrators that we used a few times. They are in perfect shape and work well. We upsized to a 60# per minute system and these are not appropriate for that flow rate. We used them with a 10hp burr mill that delivered about 10#/minute. 

I will box them up and get you a weight so you can send me a shipping label or I can ship FedEx to your place. 7189BC23-8C5A-4FCD-AACA-C547E661F259.thumb.jpeg.1f269d73747560bbfb3627668025a7cc.jpeg0E87C6D1-C1A3-412C-8E4C-55ED1633A4A4.thumb.jpeg.784ec95264371df568f5877d5c80e354.jpeg7189BC23-8C5A-4FCD-AACA-C547E661F259.thumb.jpeg.1f269d73747560bbfb3627668025a7cc.jpeg


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sorry I’m just seeing this. They have 4” ports top and 3” ports on the bottom. We used them with a 1.5” triclamp hose connection to our water line.  

feel free to call if you have other questions or want to see them over FaceTime 919-323-2777

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