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Greetings from Beautiful Missouri

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Hello there,

We are Andrew and Gary in Rocheport, Missouri, just outside of Columbia, MO.  Rocheport Distilling Co. is our passion and our dream.  Gary has made rum and brandy in the past on old, dated equipment and we are now equipped with a brand new 300 gallon Affordable Distilling Ultra Pro Split Column Vodka Still.  We intend on making rum, brandy, whiskey, gin, amaro, liqueur, bitters, and whatever else we set our heart on.  

We are a part of The Blufftop at Rocheport/Les Bourgeois Vineyards, the 2nd largest winery in the state of Missouri. We are on several hundred of acres of land with over 40 acres planted with grapes, which are the backbone to our winery, distillery, tasting room, bistro, wine garden, and lodging facilities. Our property is gorgeous and overlooks the Missouri River and we never tire of admiring the sunset and Missouri's natural beauty.

Gary is our Head Distiller and is known around here as Mister Reliable.  He has a sharp mechanical mind with a long history of tireless hard work and focused problem solving. Gary began as a cellar hand and has worked and studied his way to being our Cellar Master, and now, Head Distiller. His experience ranges from carpentry, construction, and farming to fixing anything from a tractor to a bottling/canning line.  He is who I call when I need something done correctly. Gary is the man that will be primarily communicating, commenting, asking questions, and hopefully even answering some questions.

I am (was) a bartender. I have been tending bar and running bars for almost 15 years. My passion is flavor.  I love almost anything I can sip on or make a cocktail out of.  From fermentables like beer and wine to complex distillates, liqueurs, and bitters, there are not a lot of things I don't like to drink (or eat). My old bosses put "Spiritual Advisor" on my business card and I have ran with it ever since, taking pride in a wealth of knowledge and an ability to guide and teach people in the ways of booze.  I get great joy out of teaching, but even more so with learning as I continue to learn and grow professionally and personally. Gary and I make one hell of a team and we are excited to pursue our dream together and one day make our wives and kids proud.

We truly look forward to being a part of this incredible community.

Cheers from Gary and Andrew!


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