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I bought a bottling line from UKS and Im pleased with it

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People hardly ever talk about the good equipment they purchase from good suppliers, so I am gonna post a small note of success about buying a bottling line from UKS last year.

It was our 3rd/4th iteration of an upgrade, with the intent of doing up to about 1250 bpm in a bartop 750.  The fewer hands the better.  We can run our system with 2 people. 

We ordered in late 2020/early 2021 and in spite of the shipping challenges at the time, it arrived pretty much on schedule and exactly as priced. 

Price was the attractive part: it was below US builders for comparable equipment.   It is Italian manufactured by a well known wine bottling company.  I wouldnt call it cheaply or flimsily manufactured.

There was a few language/translation challenges, but we got really superior (and patient) customer service from them (Al is their rep here in the US and in IT).  Zoom calls to Italy made tuning up a breeze and their engineers know their stuff when it comes to bottling processes and systems.

We've had the system on line for about 8 months, run over 150k bottles through it and we're happy with it.  If anyone wants any further details on our customer experience, just PM me.  


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