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Limited availability of GRAPE Neutral Spirits for members

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Good day to all fella distillers. 

We distilled a limited batch of NY Grape neutral spirits. Grape juice is a mix NYS variety originated at Canandaigua wines. 
It is 5 times distilled, but not carbon filtered. Can be filtered up on request.  
It is smooth, sweet and has distinct grape scent. 
It is offered at $15 per gallon of 190 proof. Minimum 55 gallon drum size. We have both drums and totes. 
We made total 1400 gallons. 1000 gallons still available. 
Price is FOB King Ferry NY 13081
We, of course, have regular production of whey neutral spirits which is a great substitution or addition in your spirits line. Whey Neutral spirits is at $6.5 of 190 proof 
Thank you,
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