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Practical (hands on) knowledge setting up, running and managing a distillery


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Full disclosure - While I know the basics of distillation at a micro scale, I have no practical experience when it comes to a commercial distillery.  I lack brick and mortar knowledge, equipment, process flow etc etc.  Does anyone have ideas on how to get this knowledge (other than working in a distillery)?  I'm told moonshine U's 6-day distiller course does a good job.  it is pricy so want to make sure it is what the doctor ordered.  Appreciate thoughts.    

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Thanks KS.  A consultant will be good but in the first instance I want to gain my own personal experience and context.  This will happen in one of two ways, either I work in a distillery or take a hands on course that teaches you brick on brick.  once I have knowledge, I'll be able to draw up a meaningful biz plan and probably engage a consultant to help sharpen the pencil.  

BTW - if a distiller in the tri state area (NY, NJ or CT) is looking to hire help please ping me.  I am interested.  I have solid academic (state of the art) grounding in distilling but very limited practical experience.  As a side, significant business experience so I can help in other areas.  

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There is a saying in the business: "Nobody can tell you how to start a distillery, you just have to do it." However, these days there are loads of books and courses you can take. I took a few and largely learned what I didn't want to do. Running a distillery of any size is a shitload of mundane work. Filling tanks, shifting grain, etc. Very little of it is particularly romantic. Basically, it's really easy to learn: spend a million dollars to build your distillery and then show up every morning at 4 AM and work 'tll 9PM for seven days a week and plan to do that until you get a team of reliable staff, you sell or you die. 


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