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Practical (hands on) knowledge setting up, running and managing a distillery


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Full disclosure - While I know the basics of distillation at a micro scale, I have no practical experience when it comes to a commercial distillery.  I lack brick and mortar knowledge, equipment, process flow etc etc.  Does anyone have ideas on how to get this knowledge (other than working in a distillery)?  I'm told moonshine U's 6-day distiller course does a good job.  it is pricy so want to make sure it is what the doctor ordered.  Appreciate thoughts.    

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Good Morning RPG - There are definitely different areas a working distillery. Our specialty is the Bottling arena. Please reach out and ask any questions that you would like. We started Cru Bottling Systems in 2017 specifically to help small and medium sized distilleries (and wineries) set up their Bottling in the smartest, most efficient and definitely the most cost effective way possible. All of our Bottling equipment is very easy to own and operate.

All of our equipment is made either in the US or Italy - Nothing from China. We also keep most all of our items in stock. Please check us out at crusystems.com for pricing and videos or reach out to me through direct message or at steve@crusystems.com

We'd be happy to help you get up and running.

Thank you RPG!



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