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How do the big producers manage multiple brands & is it possible to spin out a new brand?


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Ok I could be asking this the wrong way.. but for example Heaven Hills sells multiple "brands" and some these brands have different "sold by companies listed on them"

So a bottle of Larceny says "distilled and bottled by Old Fitzgerald Distillery" while the bottle of Mellow Corn says "distilled and bottled by Heaven Hills Distillery"... but they are all Heaven Hills Brands

My question is how do these companies and DSPs fit together?

How does one distillery produce multiple brands? Is it all just a labeling thing?

The reason I ask is - I am trying to identify if there is a possible way to create a new brand under a current DSP to allow for a lower cost option for market validation of a new brand.  Example: So "Jo Shmoe Distilling" holds a DSP and wants to develop a new brand of "Jane Shmoe Vodka" ... how do you do that?  

Thank you for helping me not be so stupid ;)


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Yes Heaven Hill own the brands but TTB requires you to identify state the spirit is distilled in and bottled by.

I want a new brand...

The first thing you do is head over the US Patent and Trademark office and check on the name for your new brand. (Use TESS to conduct the search) If the name you want is available spend the $300 and file for a trademark under class 33.

Next distill or blend your new spirit.

Create and file a COLA with your new brand - will require a formula too in most cases.

Start selling.

You can have all the brands you want under your DSP but you will have to list that it was distilled/bottled under your DSP on the label.

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