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Beer Can Sticker Labeling Machine


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Automatic beer can sticker labeling machine  Pls check working video


This machine belongs to a round bottle labeling machine which can be used for the full-cycle and half-cycle labeling of various circular bottles, and it has been widely applied to the round bottle products labeling of different sizes such as round jars, round bottle, round cans in cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industries.

Model / technical parameters VK-RL
Labeling speed (pcs/min) 40-100 (relate to material and label size)
Labeling accuracy(mm) ±1.0mm (material and label sizes are not counted in)
Label size(mm) (L)20-300mm (H)25-140mm
Material size (mm) Φ20-φ100mm (H)40-200mm
Roll inside(mm) φ76mm
Roll outer diameter(mm) Max: Φ320mm
Machine size (mm) (L)2000×(W)850×(H)1450(mm)
Power supply AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W (Can be customized)


Manual placement of pasted products (on-line or bottle handling turntable) >> automatic separation and correction and transportation of products >> product testing >> product labeling >> collection of labeled products (entering the next process) >> taking away products.

Working Principle:

After the bottles enter the conveyor belt of the labeling machine, the bottles are fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed. The mechanical fixing device separates the pasted objects by a fixed distance and pushes the pasted objects along the direction of the conveyor belt. After the mechanical system (driving wheel, labeling wheel and reel), the driving wheel intermittently pulls the label belt to move, and the label is pulled out from the reel and pasted on the object to be pasted through the labeling device.


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