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It deals with the entirety of the french industry of the distiller of spirits from the 1850s with modifications and enhancements in each edition forward to the turn-of-the-century. I own several editions of this book...

It's been a topic of conversation for many years here - the site owner, David Nathan-Maister, republished the English translation of this work that was done by McKennie. See here for more details - "Oxygenee.com, Books 5."

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Not sure if the same but see link below. The wormwood society also has similar copies for download.


The wormwood society version was scanned from a reproduction owned by an absinthe aficionado (then) out of Atlanta.

The version reprinted by David Nathan-Maister, was "directly scanned using state-of-the-art equipment from the original copy of the book in the

Virtual Museum, and so all illustrations are complete and crystal clear."

If anyone is seeking close-up scans of any of the fold-outs or plates from an original, just let me know.

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