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Supply Chain Coordinator, Millstone Spirits Group

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Responsible for managing inventory, inter-company transfers, and supply sources to support the companies’ manufacturing plan and anticipated demand. Supply chain coordinator assists in the planning and purchase of materials and services and follow-up with vendors to ensure that the purchase orders have the correct price, freight charge, and delivery date. Supply Chain coordinator will manage the logistics of tote, tanker, and finished good cases between company locations to meet production and sales needs. They coordinate with the on-location quality assurance (QA) team to ensure the quality of the sourced materials and services. Under the directive orders from the Director of Operations, supply chain coordinator will also perform inventory cycle counts or perform other tasks as assigned.


Competitive Compensation, 401k, Health, Vision, Dental, and paid PTO.  Email resumes to: robert.cassell@millstonespirits.com

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