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Continuos Column

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Hey everybody, I have been reading about continuos  still columns, and I was thinking if someone here have tried to put steam directly to the bottom of the column, how this can affect my ABV% ,pressure and everything of you have to take into account, anyway the secret of the columns is keep the temperature (78,5)  and the flows if someone has any idea relation with the advantages or disadvantages let me know ill be so thankful. 

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Hi There. Most large continuous columns utilize live steam injection on the base of the beer column. Our column has a few rectifying plates on top of the stripping section that push our low wines to 120-125 proof. We then double off our high wines to 132-140 proof. If you are looking for GNS proofs, your rectifying section should utilize a reboiler at the base instead of live steam as to not dilute the product you are trying to take to 95%. Dilution may be used in other parts of a continuous GNS system for oil removal but that is a bit of a different animal. While I have not run a still that uses live steam at the base of a rectifying column, I suppose it could be done, you would just need more plates than a column w/ a reboiler to strip the excess water used in the heating process...may also take a slightly larger diameter to cope with the additional boil up and down flow.

At the end of the day, a continuous column is all about balance and equilibrium. Matching boilup to plate hydraulics and desired output. Sorry...long winded answer but I hope this helps a bit!

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