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Hello From Vancouver Island

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We have been a distillery in planning for years.  Our plan to open a distillery in 2020 was side-lined by a pandemic that rudely interrupted our capital-raise.  In the meantime, we continued our day jobs and worked on alternative business plans. We are now planning to contract products at an existing distillery, under our own brand.

Currently we are working on products that we feel are opportunities in the current market, and hopefully, where there is potential in the future.

The pandemic-forced time-out has given us the chance to reconsider our brand,  and reimagine the business with emphasis on resiliency in difficult times.  We are excited about working with an existing distillery because we can support a start-up distillery, as well as build our dream through a low-risk scenario.

We will always want to build a distillery around our own vison of high environmental sustainability and circular economy, but we are super-excited to launch products more quickly, rather that having to reinvent the wheel and build a facility from the ground up, to sell our first bottle.

All the best to everyone in the craft,

Michael Rosser

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