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Lead Chemist Needed

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Luca Mariano is seeking a Lead Chemist to join their newly developing facility in Danville, KY to be a part of the brand from the ground up.

Interested candidates may submit an application via the following link: https://www.indeed.com/job/lead-chemist-3dd490c6425f96a7

Lead Chemist Responsibilities

  • Efficiently and accurately test raw materials

The distillery’s ability to produce high quality product is dependent on having access to high quality raw materials in a timely fashion. The lead chemist must be very efficient and accurate when performing their testing processes.

  • Develop NIR models for in-house testing

The lead chemist must develop highly accurate near-infrared spectroscopy models to perform in-house testing.

  • Testing: Whole and Milled Grain Analysis, Proofing, Total Acids, Ballings, Gas Chromatography, pH, HPLC, Yeast Cell Count/Viability
  • Create a quality monitoring metric for raw materials

The lead chemist must develop quantifiable measurements to denote what qualities are acceptable for raw materials. These metrics will form the basis on raw materials quality assurance and may have to be continually adjusted based on the quality of the product and seasonal changes.

  • Ensuring in-house analytical capability is maintained

They must ensure the equipment used to analyze the raw materials is well-maintained and appropriate to the task.

  • Develop and monitor projects

Various projects will be run in conjunction with distillers to ascertain what effect different properties in raw materials have on the final product. The lead chemist will help monitor and support these projects.

  • Create quality specifications for raw materials

They will establish a set of specifications that denotes precisely which properties raw materials must have for specific products.

  • Work with the procurement team to create specifications for suppliers

To ensure that raw materials of suitable quality are found, the lead chemist will work with the procurement team and create annual raw materials specifications for suppliers. They will deliver supplier performance reviews to ensure materials meet these specifications.

  • Ensure quality management systems are implemented correctly

Quality management systems to ISO 9001 standards must be in place to ensure the quality of raw materials is consistent.

  • Develop strong relationships with team

The lead chemist will work closely with distillers and suppliers. The relationships between the chemist and internal/external customers must be strong.


  • A Bachelor degree or higher in a science field (ideally chemistry) is required for this role.

Work Experience
Lead chemists should have experience with a variety of scientific processes and distillation processes.

  • Minimum of 5 years experience (preferably in the distilling industry)
  • Experience with NIR modelling software
  • Practical and technical experience with laboratory equipment and procedures
  • Knowledge of the malt and grain distillation process
  • Strong experience working in a quality assurance position within a laboratory, ideally within a distillery
  • Laboratory information management systems experience
  • Project management experience is an advantage
  • Food safety experience is an advantage

Key Skills

  • Knowledge of malt and grain distilling processes
  • Raw and co-product material processing knowledge
  • Technical and practical understand of laboratory equipment and processes
  • Food safety techniques and due diligence requirements
  • Laboratory Information Management System knowledge
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Self-motivated and driven to improve
  • Excellent time management skills, able to work under pressure
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