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Good morning from Memphis TN

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Thought I would say good morning to all from Memphis as my first post. 

I don’t drink, not a drop, but have a need for Hydrous Ethanol for fuel here in Tennessee. I don’t see a “fuel” category on the site and I may have joined with good intentions but may not fit well here considering there will be nothing fit for consumption produced or considered. So as a hello/good morning post, I’ll add the question: does this forum have a place for me?

I don’t want to be out of place with posts, technology, etc so if ADI is less than completely appropriate, I will voluntarily refrain from further posts. 


Albeit- I might read a bunch, frequently! Science is science. Art is art. Ethanol is ethanol!


Thanks for having me in any case (for any length of time)

Mike in Memphis

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Ethanol is ethanol, so there will be similarities for many things, however you don't have to worry about flavor and will be focused on yield. 

There is some good info here. Hopefully some will be helpful to you in your venture.



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