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Product Description: 1200L SUS304 boiler + electric heating jacket boiler + 4plates 10inch copper column +8plates 10in SUS304 column +10in gin basket+condenser System

The system is brand new, has never been used. About 6 months old and is stateside (located in NC).


1)1200L SUS304 electric heating Boiler (2layers)

  • 12000L SUS304 boiler with electric heating jacket
  • 1pc of 8” tri-clamp port (for copper helmet)
  • 2pc of 2”tri-clamp port on the top with end cap
  • CIP spray ball
  • 400mm manway with sight glass
  • Thermometer (analog)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety valve
  • Agitator1.5KW, 36RPM (240v/ 3phase 60)
  • Wall thickness 3mm
  • B.electric heating jacket
  • 4pcs 16kw heating element
  • Wall thickness 3mm

2) Copper helmet with chimney

  • With a thermometer
  • 500mm diameter copper helmet
  • copper chimney

3)Distiller reflux column

  • A.4Plate 10 inch Copper Column -1PC
    • 10”copper bubble plates inside - 4pc
    • Sight glass in each plate - 5pc
    • Drain valve on each plate - 5pc
    • CIP spray ball on each plate - 5pc
  • B.4Plate 10 inch SUS304Column -2pcs
    • 10” bubble plates inside - 8pc
    • Sight glass in each plate - 9pc
    • Drain valve on each plate - 9pc
    • CIP spray ball on each plate - 9pc
  • C.Dephlegmator - 2PCS
    • 2pcs of 300 mm length 10" SUS304 dephlegmator
    • 4pcs of 1”female BSP port for water inlet and outlet
    • With a thermometer

4)Condenser - 1PC

  • 1500mm height 10” condenser
  • 2pcs of 1”female BSP port for water inlet and outlet SUS304 Parrot
  • with drain valve.

5)Gin basket

  • 10in SUS304 Gin Basket
  • 500mm height
  • Ø100mm sight glass
  • 1pc SUS304 filter mesh
  • CIP spray ball

6)Stainless steel pipe seat--4pcs

  • For copper column
  • For SUS304 column
  • For gin basket
  • For condenser

7)CIP System

  • 1PC CIP Spray Ball in the boiler
  • 1PC CIP Spray Ball in the copper helmet
  • 20PC CIP Spray Balls in the column (1 above each plate)
  • 1PC gin basket
  • 1PC Pump and Plumbing
  • 1PC CIP for condenser

8)Controller box

  • Cip
  • Heating element
  • Agitator

We are looking to sell around 90K- accepting offers.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 2.11.18 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 2.12.02 PM.png







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