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Second Run/End Of Life Heads and Tails

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Hi Everyone!


I apologise if this is not the right space or a multiple post from another member-


I recently took over at a distillery where the previous head distiller amassed 17,000+litres of heads and tails to be re-run. Now that i am in the process of doing so, I am collecting large quantities of unusable or EOL heads and tails and am unsure of how to dispose of them. 

If its just the random <100L its easier, but now its coming into the 100s, and eventually will be 1000s.


Any ideas? Or directiosn of who to contact? (I am in Canada)


Thank You xx

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I would suggest you use vacuum distillation to take the heads and tails apart more precisely, extract alcohol from them, and sell the rest as "firelight fluid" :)

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