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Milled and Bagged Grain for sale

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Our family farm grows all of the un-malted grains for our distillery. We have been hampered this year by a number of challenges and will not get to mashing some of this grain in 2022. The following grains are to be sold by the pallet. Grains are NON GMO EXCEPT FOR THE YELLOW CORN & have been thoroughly cleaned and hammer milled.

Pallets of following the following grains available:

Bloody Butcher Red Corn - .35 per lb 

Yellow Dent Corn - .35 per lb

Raw Rye - .40 per lb

Red Wheat  - .40 per lb

Raw Barley - .35 per lb


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We are in colorado but all of our grain is grown on our family farm in South Central, Minnesota.

The grain is grown, dried, shucked, milled, bagged and delivered by my cousin each fall.

These grains which are for sale will not get mashed this year due to some changes in our business practices.

I would hate to "off" this high quality grain to the local feed-store, when there is someone here that could make it into awesome whiskey at a discounted grain price. 


Make an offer!

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