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750ml Juniper bottles with wood bar tops

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1908 total (1 pallet of 1188 bottles in 12pk plus 60 cases )Juniper Bottles by Berlin $2385.00

2000 Tapi Antique Black wood bar-tops 38x18mm 19.4 synthetic shank  $1920.00

                                                         Take it all: $4305.00 You pay freight or pick up in Long Island NY

Purchased these as an alternative when our standard bottle was un available.

Not playing lets make a deal, $1.25 per bottle and $0.96 for a wood top is a gret deal.

750ml_Juniper_Old_Gin_(M-3753-01) (1).pdf

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Please send me quote to, ljcruz@destileria.co

We are interested in purchasing tomorrow for Pick-Up before Friday. Please advise


La Destileria Craft Spirits

Puerto Rico 

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