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Wheat State Distilling


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Lead Distiller needed. Opportunity comes with upward mobility and incentives. Need to be team oriented and self motivated.

 I took over a failed distillery in early 2021 and Wheat State Distilling needs a lead distiller wanting to leave their personal signature on the Spirits Industry. We focus on team work and if the team is successfully the team will be rewarded. I need someone who will be a Team Leader as well as Lead Distiller. To be successful one has to get out of their comfort zone are you that person? Wheat State Distilling needs a Lead Distiller to help take this distillery as far as it can go and the sky is the limit. If your that person take a chance and join our team. Wheat State Distilling isn't interested in status quo, we are looking to grow and expand and that comes with thinking out of the box or bottle in this circumstance.   

  • Must be Self motivated
  • Opportunity to be a part of something special!
  • Independent thinker!
  • Endless possibilities   


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