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105 Gallon Jacketed Stainless Steel Still with 6” Copper Bubble Plate Column $13,50020220323_140754.thumb.jpg.3c91c930a9f9d38a7d6e045a1faab26c.jpg20220323_140804.thumb.jpg.fc0017fd2f0de67c69078f520b2be508.jpg

This 105 gallon still is great for Bourbon, Whiskey, Brandy, Grappa, Rum and many others. It will distill between 130 and 185 proof.

This Still has a 6" Diameter Stainless & Copper Bubble Plate Column with four 4" diameter sight glasses, Gatling Gun (Tube & Shell) Dephlagmator on top of the Column and a 3" Gatling Gun (Tube & Shell) Condenser on the side of the column. The column can be ran in Pot Still Mode to make Whiskey and Moonshine or it can be ran in reflux mode to make high proof light Whiskey or Rum. 

This 105 gallon still is jacketed. I ran Soybean oil but you can use any cooking oil or water can be ran in the jacket. This gives you the ability to run grain in mashes and other mashes such as potato mashes, grappa mashes and fruit mashes with the solids left in, without the worry of scorching. 

105 Gallon Operating Capacity

120 Gallon Total Capacity

19 Gallon Jacket Operating Capacity

26 Gallon Total Capacity in the Jacket

2" Sanitary Butterfly Drain valve

6" Tri Clamp Column Connection

16” Diameter Manway 

½” 5 psi Pressure Relief Valve on the jacket

½” 5 psi Pressure Relief Valves on the inner boiler

6” Diameter Stainless Bubble Plate Column with all copper internal parts

The column is completely modular with Sanitary Tri Clamp Connections throughout

It is very simple easy and fast to disassemble the Column for Cleaning

Plates can be added or removed from the column to run different proofs

The Column can be Set up to Run as a Pot Still Head in a Matter of 5 to 10 Minutes

Top quality construction with beautifully rounded curves.

Built from heavy gauge 304 food grade stainless steel 

Commercial grade thermometer 

Please contact me for questions, payment arrangements, and pick up instructions.

Pete 732-300-2814 

Located: Bayville, NJ 

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