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ISO Bulk New Make Light Whiskey

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MGP had been supplying 99/1 Corn/Malt light whiskey distilled to 189.5 proof, and proofed down below 140 for transport in totes or new filled used barrels.  We use this for blending.  We are in search of another economical bulk spirits supplier that can fill our needs.  We need two totes ASAP and again every few months.  Our requirements are that the flavor be quite neutral with the sweetness of the corn evident.


Can anyone supply or refer me to a qualified supplier?

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We will be opening up our books for new fill sourcing clients in 2023. No longer brokering others juice will be all our own new make. PM'd you an email you can send us a line and we'll let you know when we're shipping totes and tankers. In the mean time good luck. 

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