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New Graduate Looking to Change Career


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Just graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Craft Brewing and Distilling from SPSCC in Olympia Washington.

Have b een in the F&B/Hospitality industry most of my working life but I want to make a change.

I have been personally studying distilling for about 6 years before I recieved my degree and now I want to take what I have learned and make great use of it in the craft spirits world.

With no actual realy world experience, only school, it seems hard to find a position that I know I am worthy of doing.

I've attached my resume and look forward to making some contacts.



JMcBrayer Resume.docx

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If you want to get started in this industry the best experience you can get is in a big boy. Head to Kentucky and apply to be an operator at a heritage distillery or one of the new big ones. If they won't take you as an operator yet apply for basic labor. Work for 3-5 years and take notes, leave and take a job anywhere in the country running a craft for some more cash. Trust me, its the only way to do it. You'll thank me if you do. If you don't you'll likely end up somewhere where you'll get a masters degree in fuckery and bullshit. 

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Same premise applies for fuel ethanol plants or MGP or big ethanol distilleries in Florida and TX, just get into a large scale facility where they're focused on efficiencies not palattes and learn the industry from the process side at the ground up.

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