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For Sale-Colorado

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Well, after 9 amazing years of forming, establishing, experimenting, building, and operating a craft distillery, I've accumulated some extra equipment.  All items listed will be available for local (Colorado) pickup, unless you'd like to schedule/pay for freight.  

A. 55-gallon tanks

1. Hot liquor tank - 2 x 3/4" ports & 1 x 2" triclamp ports ($800)

2. Mash tun - 1 x 3/4" port w/ pickup tube (works best if you use a "tippy dump" system) ($800)

3. Still boiler w/ flattop & conical still head - 2 x 3/4" ports & 2 x 2" triclamp ports ($1,200)

B. 130-gallon tanks

1. Mash tun - 12" manway & 3 x 1.5" TC ports w/ pickup tube (upper port has TC on inside as well for sparging) ($2,500)

2. Washback/Fermenter - 3 x 1.5" TC ports (upper port has TC on inside as well for re-circulation/oxygenation/etc.) ($2,000)

C. Miscellaneous parts (make offers on-site) - Monster mill, SABCO plate pro, etc.)

More items may be available in the future...


55g HLT.jpg

55g Mash tun.jpg

55g Still.jpg

130g Mash Tun.jpg

130g Washback.jpg


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