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MGP sales guy

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MGP is cutting out all new fill and unqualified customers end of this year. Qualification required a three year plan for purchasing intent with no guarantee of access. If you didn’t receive a solicitation for a three year plan you’re not going to make the cut. They’re cutting all custom runs and are moving to a model where they only want to sell 2 year to the people they’re cutting out of new fill production. Your MGP rep likely doesn’t suck, their company is going through incredibly severe changes to accommodate actual and expected growth and corporate ambitions. If these reps want to keep their jobs they can’t be open and honest about why you’re not getting service because they’re trying to keep their jobs. We’re opening our books for customers no longer able to be serviced by MGP for white dog (totes and tankers only) looking to start taking on new customers 2023. Know this doesn’t answer your question and you didn’t ask, but reach out if you’d like more information! Cheers



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1 hour ago, SlickFloss said:

IMO you’re out of luck : (


but good luck! Hope you find what you want 





It’s for a contract bottling customer so will just find something elsewhere for them 



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