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PAKTech-Quad PAK-SLIM can handle 3 Pallets

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We have 84 cases (2 full pallets of 30 cases, 1 partial ¾ pallet of 23 full cases and 1 partial case) of   BLACK Quad PAK SLIM can handles priced to move. 

Original price was $5600 per pallet.


Asking $3500 for each of the full pallets,

$2300 for the partial 3/4 pallet. 

$9000 for the lot of all 84 cases. 

(Buyer Arranges Freight/shipment)

All cases on full pallets are sealed and wrapped. Will wrap and seal for shipment.


If interested, Please contact; 

Mike Laux

Millstone Spirits Group 



118 N.Main Street 

Trumbaursville PA 18970






Quad PAK SLIM.jpg


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