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Water flow through condenser and dephlegmator - one port or two?


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I may be overthinking this... on my dephlegmator and condenser, there are two water inputs on the bottom and two outputs on the top.  I see many people only use one of each of these rather than both.

It would seem you would guarantee better water flow, more consistent cooling by splitting off the input and output and using both ports.  It would seem like you might get hotter and colder spots within the dephlegmator and condenser if you only used one port, and water leaving before it's had maximum contact opportunity in the vessel. 

On our pilot still, I have it on both ports.  But, I am switching over to use the Danfoss valve setup that Paul (https://adiforums.com/profile/3459-southernhighlander/) sells, and it will add to the plumbing complexity.  Thoughts?  Anybody have feedback on having tried it both ways?  Trying to conserve water & energy by doing.

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