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Certified Instruments? - Alberta


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Hey fellow Canucks, I'm currently in the process of opening up a distillery in AB.  I've got most of it done already but getting to the finer logistics.  So I've been going through AGLC's website and trying to get any information (like every gov run site, it is absolutely a painful website being federal or provincial).  I'm having a hard time sourcing out what equipment is needed for recording purposes for AGLC.  I'm assuming all other provinces will be somewhat different but slightly the same with there archaic regulations.

For instance, I'm having a hard time finding out what equipment is used and / or certified to be used to measure the ABV after dilution before bottling.  From what I've heard it needs to be recorded at 4 decimal points but I can not confirm this or confirm the equipment that is actually needed and the website says nothing about this.  This was only by word of mouth from other distilleries.

Same goes for recording software as AGLC only says you need to go through there online portal.  I'm just thinking more for if you get audited, what would be the best software to keep for records.

And is there any other fine tuning equipment you guys would recommend being for hydrometer's, PH scales, etc.  I can find basic equipment but can't seem to find any commercial size ones (meaning I don't know where to look for commercial stuff).

Thanks, and sorry for the questions, just trying to be thorough. 

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