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Brand New Still - 100GL (380L) - Steam Jacket & Agitator

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This brand new still was shipped to me in 2017. Due to the collapse of building my distillery was located in, I've not had the chance to unpack this and put it to use. The still was not in the building when it collapsed, so has not been at risk of damage in any way. It's been in a commercial storage unit in its original crate. It was built and packed by Still Dragon, a reputable company.

$15,000 OBO plus shipping by Old Dominion to anywhere in the continental US. For your estimation purposes, shipping charge was ~$1600 between Florida and Montana via Old Dominion when I bought it. There are two packages: one skid with the kettle estimated by SD at roughly 700lb. Also one crate with helmet and condenser estimated at roughly 300lb.

Please see specs below:

Original purchase price: ~$27,000 after shipping/delivery (see attached invoice for itemized details)
Kettle: 100gal stainless
Vapor dome, column, and neck: copper
Condenser: stainless "gatling gun" style
Heating: Electric (3PH req.); Steam jacket w/ 6 element receptacles (elements not included).
Agitator: 0.55KW 49r/min (220V/60Hz/3PH; Explosion Proof)

See attached image, taken by StillDragon in their warehouse in winter 2017/2018. Also attached are the blueprints and itemized invoice (JPEG). Please post for more information and I will respond as best I can.




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