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DSP Wanting to Import Bulk and Bottled Product


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I co-own Cat's Eye Distillery out of Bettendorf, Iowa. 

We have been mainly buying product from separate importers but wanted to explore importing bulk product ourselves as well as bottled product from out of country distillers to sell in the states.

What federal licensing do we need? 

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@Obtainium Getting the import permit from the TTB is the only federal license you need besides your DSP basic permit to process those bulk spirits.  Once you have those, be sure to get with a good customs broker.  YOU DO NOT PAY EXCISE TAX AT THE PORT FOR BULK SPIRITS.  Make sure your broker understands this and get it in writing.  I have seen a number of producers who import and the brokers force them to pay excise at port.  Well, now you have tax-paid bulk spirits that cannot be on bonded premises and you have a good fight with the broker to get your money back.

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