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Distillers and Brewers for Grand Canyon Brewing and Distillery


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Hey Potential GCBD family,

We are looking to hire two brewers and one distiller as we expand into our new facilities. We strive to create a fun and engaging working environment where our people are empowered. We believe on in-house development of individuals and helping them to reach the level of success that they wish. We prefer to promote from within and look for individuals that are both happy to learn and teach.

Williams, Arizona is the "Gateway to the Grand Canyon" and we are 45 minutes south of the park entrance. To our east is Flagstaff, a very cool historic route 66 town with a great night life. To our south is Sedona, a beautiful area and a hiking / climbing paradise. The local area is ripe with outdoor experiences, including ski sports, hiking, climbing, canyoneering, boating, camping and fishing.... if it is outdoors, we have it (except surfing an scuba diving, you'll need to make the four hour drive to Mexico for those).

The brewery side it a production brewery but we have a 7bbl system for brewers to experiment and create on. This system is specifically designed for brewers to have fun and follow their passion!

The distillery side is in the growth phase. We currently do whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, liqueurs, bitters and canned cocktails. If you want experience in making a lot of different products then this is the place for you!

We are happy to cross-train individuals between brewing and distilling if you want to round out your alcohol production education!

Applications can be sent to Spirits@grandcanyondistillery.com

Pay and Benefits:

$40,000-$45,000 a year based on experience
Shift meal (up to $20 per day)
Shift beer/cocktails
Shift drink from Grand Canyon Coffee Company once open (December 2022)
Medical after 90 days w/ 50% covered by the company (four different plans)
401k after a year with 4% company match
Two weeks PTO per year and possibly more if scheduled during down time
5 paid holidays per year
Moving allowance (up to $2,000 with receipts) with a two year contract
***We strive work 40 hours a week maximum. In the summer, during our busy season, it may require more but we make up for it during the winter when it is slower***



Conduct brewing operations on a 40bbl and 7bbl system, to include milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool and knockout.
Conduct cleaning operation on 120bbl / 40bbl and 4bbl fermentation vessels
Conduct dry hopping and blending of fruit beers
Conduct centrifuge operations and carbonation
May conduct kegging depending on staffing (We have an automatic keg washer and filler on the way!)
Monitor stockpiles and alert head brewer of any noted shortfalls
Analyze current procedures and suggest improvements, we very much value everyone opinions and appreciate suggestions
Conduct R&D brews on the 7bbl system. This is where you get to shine and show your creativity
Train personnel to develop the next generation of craft brewers
General housekeeping of the brewhouse and cellar


Conduct distilling operations on 1000gal / 500gal / 250 gal / 30 gal stills to include mashing, fermenting, macerating and distilling
Make quality cuts on finishing still, proof hearts product and barrel
Blend, macerate house produced neutral spirits to create liqueurs, flavored vodkas and flavored whiskeys
Conduct tasting panels for blending of bourbon, rye and single malt whiskey
Conduct bottling operations with small team. Typically 220 cases per day.
Conduct R&D on new product ideas. Show us what you are passionate about making and lets take it to market!
Train personnel to develop the next generation of craft distillers
General housekeeping of the still house and rick house
Opportunity to bartend at the "spirits house" and retain 100% of tips on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.


Passion is more important than fixed experience requirements to us. While the ideal candidate will have either brewing, distilling or cellar experience, it is not required. Let us know why you want to brew or distill!

We look forward to welcoming you on to our team!

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