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Bridgetown Still - USA manufactured 500 Gallon still

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Brand new, never assembled or used.  It has a branded name plate attached with rivets, that can be easily removed.

Email for pricing.  Includes receiving tank



Approximate dimensions: 11.5ft wide X 20ft tall X 11.5ft wide


500 Gallon steam jacketed boil pot with solid copper Whiskey/brandy helmet, solid copper dome head and upper sidewall, stainless steel lower insulated sidewall, conical bottom with 3” Boil pot drain with valve, vacuum/pressure relief valve, CIP balls and down arm.


3ft X 3ft non slip legless platform with ladder rungs and railings for boil pot access


20” Diameter solid copper column bodies with 8 solid copper dome bubble plates and downcomers and 4" DIN window ports

Manual plate control levers

Column CIP balls and down arm

Single 20” column stainless cylindrical podium mount

Dephlegmator with and thermometer


Distillation unit vapor hard piping and valve assemblies

Pneumatic valves with manifold for vapor processes (column bypass or engagement)   


Stainless steel shell and tube final condenser with internal baffles and thermometer

Hydrometer Float Hold with sight glass and thermometer


16" Gin Basket with manway lid and false bottom, CIP ball and down arm


Boil pot Agitator, Top Mounted with reduced drive gearbox and hydrofoils, (XP rated)


Electronic boil pot temperature control (digital set point control)

Adjustable thermostatic modulating valves for cooling water control for dephlegmator and condenser

Cooling water failure sensor for boil pot shutoff 

Pneumatic valves with manifold and selector switches for vapor process change (column bypass or engagement) 


350 gallon catch vessel, (46" diameter X 72" tall) shallow conical top and bottom, 16" top manway, CIP ball and down arm, VPRV, 1.5” drain, 2x 1.5” accessory ports










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