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'Hallo' from the Netherlands

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Hi there all!

As most of you probably know, most online tools for distillers are either non-existent, or VERY old & outdated. 

My team and I have some experience in the distilling industry and felt like it could use some more easy to use online tools.

That's why we came up with a fun side-project: Distillerly.
As of now, it's just a small collection of handy calculators for distillers. But we would love to expand it to cover more of your wishes.

SO! play around with it as much as you want. (It's 100% Free!).

What do you think of it? 
Do you have any ideas you would like to see being implemented?



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Physics and Chemistry are not "obsolete" :) nor are calculators or calculations that were used in books from the 1950s-1990s.
I have a large library of calculations for distillation apparatuses and continuous columns, books of the former USSR and Ukraine, for many years.

If you want to help everyone, you need something more serious than "simple calculators". If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me :)

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It's not really applicable to commercial distillers.  It's a fun project, and nice work on what you built, but the reality is that those simple calculators aren't really relevant on a day to day basis.

For example, you can't make volumetric proofing calculations without taking into account the temperature of your liquids - you don't.  Even without taking into account the impact of temperature on volume, the result being provided was off compared to my manual calculations.  Are you using OIML or TTB calculations for proofing?

If you are serious about this, you should consider taking up Alex's offer.

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Hi @Alex_Sor , thank you for your response😄.

You are completely correct, I should’ve been clearer about what I meant with ‘outdated’. Of course Physics and Chemistry are not obsolete. I was referring to the usability / implementation / presentation of most current tools.

As you mention, the site currently offers only VERY VERY basic calculators. But we would love to see it evolve into something way more valuable. Which makes me very excited about your offer. I will send you a contact you directly :)

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@Silk City Distillers Mmm… I see what you’re saying. And thank you for sharing your thoughts. We would love to add a lot more depth to the site. I published this site yesterday, and as a first-version / early-draft. The goal is to offer features that would really make every-day management / running a distillery easier. So thank you for the feedback.

I will definitely take Alex up on his offer😄

Might I ask, in your experience, what would be some things you would like to see being built out more?

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