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Liquid Solid Separation


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What are some of you doing to remove the solids from your spent grain.? The grain does not need to be super dry (currently I can squeeze water out of the solids with my fist, I think moisture level was 82% last time I had it tested), I just need to get the solids out so that I can discharge to the city.  

My current liquid solid separator eats screens about every two to three weeks.  The manufacturer stated that at most I could expect a month before screen's needed to be replaced.  I did not know that when I purchased the unit, I guess shame on me for not asking.  

I am really hoping some of you out there are using something that costs less to maintain.

Thank you,


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AK2 - I think I can help direct you here toward some better solutions check my profile if you’d like to talk.

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We don't have the luxury of real farms so we need to dewater. We use a CP-6 from Vincent Corp https://vincentcorp.com/ it works quite well. The dewatered grain is then picked up by the town for a rescue farm but we do have to pay to dispose of the water at a compost facility currently. Looking into an evaporator to eliminate that next.

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