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Semi-Automatic High-Precision Bottle Labeler For Sale - $9000

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This is a model CLAS-4SO high precision, semi-automatic label applicator with a bottle spin-station for labeling of glass bottles from Concept Automation.   

Professional labeler for custom and non-standard smooth, round bottles or any bottles with recessed or protruding label areas, indentions, grooves or unusual or unorthodox labeling requirements.  Of course, it can also label standard bottles.  This high precision labeler with orientation sensors allows for labeling of difficult and/or precise areas. 

15-30 bottles per minute depending on the amount of orientation needed and subject to operator performance of loading/unloading bottles.     

The system can apply labels from a single label web where the labels are provided with alternating front and back images.  Orientation and sensor readings align the bottles and labels for precise application.  It also has the ability to provide partial or full wrap-around of a single label to bottles with or without special orientation, if needed. 



The overall dimensions of the machine are approximately L28” x W22” x H56”.  220V Outlet.  Air requirements: 80-135 PSI

Barely used, great condition, we upgraded to an automatic labeler due to volume.

Freight not included.  

Asking $9000 OBO


Bottling Machine 1.jpeg

Bottling Machine 3.jpeg

Bottling Machine 4.jpeg

Bottling machine 2.jpeg

MA-88001 (High Precision Bottle Labeler) Operation Manual - March 2021.pdf

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