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Is submerged temperature sensor ethanol-proof?


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We are thinking of placing a few submerged temperature sensors inside some of our barrels so we can compare temps of air vs liquid, and how far liquid lags behind air temp. Want to use these simple sensors https://ambientweather.com/amwh31p.html and have let one sit in a sample jar full of new make for 6 months with no visible signs of any deterioration.

But now we want to test the liquid to make sure there wasn't any leaching of the plastic. While it is weather-proof, it isn't necessarily food-safe. Asking the manufactureres, but because its a use they hadn't planned on, they don't really know.

Anyone know of a test that can tell if any plastic leached into ethanol sample?


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5 minutes ago, whiskeytango said:

What's it made out of?

Don’t know - doesn’t say on website and im still trying to get someone who might know from manufacturer but having trouble there too. That’s why I want to test the liquid. 

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I know its old school, but you could insert a stainless steel analog thermometer through a silicone bung. 

You would be able to look at the temps directly without having to worry about any leeching.

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You could also use a thermowell to ensure only stainless comes into contact with product.

Unless it says specifically that all the materials are compatible with high proof / pure ethanol, it is safe to assume that it is not intended for the use case you are proposing.  I'd wager that you'll taste the plastic, and sooner rather than later, too.


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