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2023 Contract Distillation Capacity

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All - Coming up in 2023, we have excess distillation capacity that we're looking to fill on our 14" Vendome continuous copper column and doubler. We keep the 4 main grains on hand (corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley) as well as new #3 and #4 char white American oak barrels. Our minimum for a custom mash bill is 20 barrels, and if you don't want to take delivery of them immediately, we can store them in our barrel house as well. Pricing is mash bill and grain price dependent, but as of today, a standard new fill 80C-10R-10MB is around $1150/barrel. We're located in Clarksville, Tennessee about 45 minutes North of Nashville. If anyone has any interest, shoot me a PM or email to custom@oldglorydistilling.com


Matt Cunningham

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