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ISO Air cleaner/rinser for glass bottles


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ISO a machine we can hook our air compressor up to and press our bottles down into to blow air into bottles and get rid of dust/dirt/carboard/ etc that may be in them. Had one at our old distillery but cant seem to find one for the life of me that uses air. Looking specifically for air, not the liquid rinse with gns or solution

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Hi dwa336 - I'm not sure what ISO machine you're looking for, but we sell a stand-alone 2 or 4 nozzle Air Sparging machine. We have all different combinations of air/gas/water/product in 2 or 4 nozzle arrays, but it sounds like "air" is all you need. From your description, our machines work exactly like the ISO machine you're describing.

Check us out here at Cru Bottling Systems to see these machines as well as all other types of bottling equipment. We currently work with a long list of ADI members.

If you can't locate the ISO machine you're looking for, please reach out through direct message or through our website and maybe we can help.


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ISO = In Search Of, for those not following along with the rest of english speaking humanity.


But make your own.  I did and it's easy and inexpensive.  You already have the compressor, hopefully oilless, probably since most non huge industrial ones are.  Run that hose to a 3-stage medical grade air filter from Caltrol, (P/N 2/100-12-DX ,P/N 2/100-12-BX,P/N 2/100-12-SA).  From there connect that to an air foot pedal, fork it to twin air nozzles mounted table height, I just repurposed the extendable nozzles on cheap blow gun kits from big box stores, just invert the bottles over the nozzles, and voila,  compressed medical grade air to blow out your bottles two at a time.  I've been using this for years, works awesome.  Filter housings indicate when to change them.  


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