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Hybrid Frankin-Still $30,000 OBO + Shipping

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This useful still has several optional configurations and has produced multiple Double-Gold winning spirits at the SF world Spirits Competition and the NY World Spirits Competition. The kettles made by Red Boot Stills in Iowa and the other parts are from Still Dragon. The system is steam driven via an internal coil. It's volume is 150 gallons and valves direct the alcohol vapor to either the Gin Ball; The Caribbean Rum double-retort set-up; Or the 24 Plate rectification column. The Gin Ball holds 30+ pounds of botanicals, the rum retorts can be isolated to do 30 gallon test batches, and the vodka column easily produces clean 180 proof runs. Set up comes with pneumatic agitator, PRVs 3 product condensers, two product condenser stands and numerous bits that make up the system. PM for more pics or explanation.



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WILLING TO SEPARATE: Best Offers Accepted

150 gallon ss kettle with 1" ss internal steam coil with pneumatic mixer. - $7500

Gin ball and associated bits- $500

26 plate Still Dragon Vodka Column with 2 dephlagmators, and custom stand -$8500

Still Dragon 40 gallon double retort Caribbean Rum System - $10000

6 inch x 4 foot product condenser with stand and parrot - $2500


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